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In the purchase of biomass pellet bearings to identify the quality of the bearing is generally good or bad by observing the bearing appearance and abnormal sound to judge. To identify the quality of the bearings, we usually analyze the following five points:生物质颗粒机
First, the price judgment
Bearing production is cost, and bearing price is determined by cost. Well known enterprises in the production process of raw materials, production processes are strictly controlled, which in ensuring the quality of their products on the basis of the cost of the corresponding increase, so the market price will not be low! If the price is much lower than normal, there may be false, it is recommended not to buy. Bearing the appearance of color can fully reflect the material bearing products, some manufacturers in the use of large steel articles, reduce steel type, shoddy instead of steel products, the appearance of color is mostly white, coaxial bearing steel partial green has obvious difference, and the color is able to identify very bearing these good cheap materials.
Two, the outer packaging is clear
Brand bearing the regular manufacturers have their own specialized external packaging designers to design, and arrange for clearance of the plant production conditions of production, therefore, the packing of the products should be both from the line to the color is very clear and unambiguous. Part of the imported brand packaging accessories are also designed to protect their own intellectual property rights of the unique design. From the bearing the appearance of the opening of the HRB bearings are generally carton packaging, more carton color blue.
Three, seal the words are clear
Each bearing products will be printed on the bearing body of its brand name, label, etc. Although the font is very small, but the regular manufacturers of products have adopted the stamping technology in printing, and without heat treatment is carried out before the embossing, so the font is small, but the concave too deep, very clear. The following picture is very clear to see the words such as HRB. For example, HRB bearing manufacturers using laser marking machine, so that the word is easy to edit, it is difficult to counterfeit. Normally, font counterfeit products not only because of printing technology, fuzzy, rough, font floating on the surface, some even can be easily wiped off by hand or hand signs of serious.
Four, whether there is noise
The left hand holding the body bearing sleeve, right small reciprocating toggle coat is rotated to the bearings during operation if there is noise. And the bearing should be flexible rotation, you should not feel radial sway. As most of the backward condition of counterfeit products is completely manual workshops, in the production process of the bearing body will inevitably mixed into dust, sand like impurities, so when the rotation of the bearing will appear the noise or improper operation of the phenomenon. This is the key to determine whether the product is strictly from the production standards, and use the machine to operate the formal manufacturers of branded products.
Five, the surface is cloudy stain
The surface is cloudy stain which we should pay special attention to in the purchase of imported bearings. Because the domestic and foreign advanced manufacture of anti rust technology is still a certain gap, so the bearing body for rust prevention processing is easy to leave a thick grease, touch feel sticky, and the bearing of foreign imported almost do not see any traces of rust preventive oil. According to insiders, particularly careful people can smell a special smell on the imported bearings, which is the taste of rust oil, but can not see it.
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